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Why is Acai Berry popular among health lovers?

Acai or Acai Berry is a fruit that grows in the rain forests of Central and South America. It has yellow flesh Covered with dark purple bark. The fruit is round and approximately 2.5 centimeters in size. Acai is rich in many essential nutrients for

Tips for choosing food when having COVID disease.

If you are sick with COVID You should take care of yourself by eating a complete nutritious diet menu as follows. Once you know you have COVID, what should you not eat? All of you readers will be able to choose to eat foods that

Protecting your child from Cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Is harassment or bullying online. Nowadays many internet users are victims of this type of harassment. This can cause the person being bullied to have mental health problems.  To prevent children from becoming victims of cyber threats. Parents should follow the following guidelines.UFABET  However,

5 herbs to help reduce “body odor”

Our home is a hot and humid city. which is also a factor That causes many people to have body odor because body odor is caused by the accumulation of bacteria from sweat, from germs, fungi on the skin and clothes, plus the hot weather and humidity in the

Working age diseases and how to take care of yourself

Working age diseases and how to take care of yourself. The working age is the of life sitting in front of the computer. Outdoors or having to stand for long periods of time throughout the day. While the working age is the party age. Socialize every week,

Sick with “dengue fever”, 6 foods that help restore the body

Dengue fever. When it is, it will have flu-like symptoms. but the symptoms are more severe and may even lead to death due to heavy bleeding For patients with dengue fever, the patient’s diet will help the body recover itself faster. Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked. And here are

7 ways to exercise at home Get in shape Limited space is not a problem.

Want to have a firm, beautiful figure! There’s no need to go far. because we can Easy to exercise at home, and limited space is not a problem. Because nowadays there are many types of exercises that do not require a lot of space or equipment. Today, Vogue Beauty would like to please

9 ways to reduce itchy rashes on the skin quickly

People who have itchy rashes whether they have a skin disease, an allergic reaction, or whatever the cause is. may feel annoyed and disrupts life for a long time before it disappears If you want the itchy rash to disappear quickly. Allergic rash, itchy rash, what can be

3 reasons why we “can’t sleep”

Why can’t we sleep? Is it because in our heads we think about this all the time? So what should you do to stop thinking? In a situation where life is full of stress Anxiety Of course, it will definitely affect our thinking. If we cannot control and eliminate it, It