3 reasons why we “can’t sleep”

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Why can’t we sleep? Is it because in our heads we think about this all the time? So what should you do to stop thinking?

In a situation where life is full of stress Anxiety Of course, it will definitely affect our thinking. If we cannot control and eliminate it, It inevitably affects our lives. Some people have insomnia because their brain refuses to stop. Before going to bed, what do you think about? Completely distracted I won’t fall asleep. Today we will take you to get to know Racing Thoughts , or symptoms of insomnia because the brain refuses to stop thinking. What caused it and how to control it?

What are the symptoms of insomnia because the brain refuses to stop?

Insomnia Because the brain refuses to stop. It is a symptom of insomnia that is caused by the brain refusing to stop thinking. Still thinking about the same thing over and over, most of the things that we tend to think about are fear. Embarrassing things from the past, various problems that we have encountered, including insomnia because our brain won’t stop thinking makes us anxious. Feeling uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on the present Of course, the symptoms These will affect daily life, memory and sleep as well. Insomnia because the brain won’t stop thinking make you feel You can’t control your thoughts, you can’t concentrate, and after a moment you’re back to thinking about the same thing again. But these symptoms do not indicate that you have a mental illness. You just have higher levels of stress and anxiety than normal. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

3 reasons why we “can’t sleep”

In fact, insomnia because the brain refuses to stop can occur for many reasons. If you know the root of the real problem It will be easy to maintain and fix. Let’s try to see if there are any causes that cause insomnia because the brain refuses to stop.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a common cause of insomnia because the brain refuses to stop. This symptom usually occurs after that you are attacked by anxiety

  1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD)

Symptoms of ADHD It is a disease in which the patient is unable to concentrate on anything. Make it happen when you encounter or receive new events. Coming in makes you focus on new things that come in, making you think all the time. until the brain doesn’t stop

  1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( OCD)

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental illness. that repeats the same things Thinking about the same old things Without being able to stop it, such as washing your hands many times, you still return to washing them because you are afraid your hands are not clean and will become infected with germs.