5 foods that are not greasy but still pose a risk of “high blood fat”

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Many people may think High blood fat It is caused by eating a lot of high-fat foods, such as various fried foods. But in fact Apart from the greasy and greasy food that we all know, There are many other types of food that can put us at risk of having high blood fats as well. Even if the food isn’t greasy at all.

5 foods that are not greasy but still pose a risk of high blood fats

  1. Rice and various noodles such as white rice, noodles, ramen, udon, instant noodles, noodles, including vermicelli. If you eat too much, it can still make you fat. Anyone who likes noodles, it’s better to recommend konjac noodles, or even complex carbon hydrates that are good for the body like brown rice and riceberry. If you eat more than your body needs. You can still be at risk of becoming fat as well. It is recommended that 1-1½ ladles per meal is enough. If you are not full, you can eat vegetables. and additional low-fat protein. ยูฟ่าเบท
  2. Bread, cookies, biscuits are carbohydrates. If you eat a lot May increase triglycerides. Even healthy bread , if eaten in excess, can still be harmful to the body.
  3. Fruits that have a sweet taste such as durian, mango, mangosteen, sapodilla, and longan, change to eating fruits that are high in vitamin C. But it’s better if it’s not high in sugar, such as guava, apple, rose apple. On average, eat no more than a handful per meal. Including fruit juices that are high in sugar as well. should be avoided Or reduce it to just drink no more than 200 cc. at a time and do not recommend drinking every day.
  4. Sweet beverages such as bubble tea, soft drinks, sweet coffee, blended coffee, etc. You should be careful about the amount you drink.
  5. Various snacks Especially sugar-coated desserts. Or you may use high fructose corn syrup to sweeten the taste. It can make blood vessels throughout the body worse.

High blood fat It is the initial cause of many serious non-communicable diseases such as paralysis, ischemic heart disease. Chronic kidney failure And people with high blood fat may not necessarily be obese as can be seen from their appearance. Thin people can have too much fat in their blood. Therefore, you should control your diet, exercise, and get enough rest. To reduce the amount of fat in the blood to normal levels as quickly as possible.