Sick with “dengue fever”, 6 foods that help restore the body

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Dengue fever. When it is, it will have flu-like symptoms. but the symptoms are more severe and may even lead to death due to heavy bleeding For patients with dengue fever, the patient’s diet will help the body recover itself faster. Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked. And here are 6 foods that are suitable for dengue patients.


Spinach is rich in iron. and omega-3 fatty acids, which will help strengthen the immune system for the body and also increases platelet count Dengue fever patients have a lot of bleeding. Low platelet count, so must eat foods that help increase platelet count

Broccoli Broccoli

contains vitamin K which helps in the formation of platelets. If patients with dengue fever have thrombocytopenia Therefore, broccoli should be added to the diet. In addition to helping with platelet count Broccoli is also rich in antioxidants. And there are many minerals. to make the patient stronger

Papaya leaf juice,

Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, a specialist in traditional medicine at Baidyanath in India. gave information that Papaya leaf juice has properties that help increase blood platelets. Therefore, it can help in treating dengue fever. There is also research in Malaysia. and in Thailand that indicated that Papaya leaf juice has an effect on patients. There is also no report that Drinking papaya leaf juice is detrimental to health , so dengue patients can try papaya leaf decoction. By bringing papaya leaves to grind and squeeze water to drink in the amount of 30 ml per time.


Pomegranates are rich in nutrients and minerals. Eating pomegranates will energize the body. helps relieve fatigue In addition, pomegranates contain iron. beneficial to the blood and help maintain platelet levels in the body of patients with dengue fever

high protein diet

High-protein foods such as fish, chicken breast and egg whites are suitable for dengue patients. because the patient’s body is weak must fight against fever eating high protein foods will help make the body stronger Makes you recover from dengue fever quickly

Food that is not spicy, not oily,

should not allow patients with dengue fever to eat spicy food. Or fried food because it will affect the digestive system. and make the body recover itself slowly Patients should eat food that is easily digestible. not spicy food Or its fried food, such as boiled food such as boiled rice, porridge or soup, will cause the digestive system to not have to work hard. Helps the body recover itself quickly.

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