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3 reasons why we “can’t sleep”

Why can’t we sleep? Is it because in our heads we think about this all the time? So what should you do to stop thinking? In a situation where life is full of stress Anxiety Of course, it will definitely affect our thinking. If we cannot control and eliminate it, It

Paracetamol, one pill or two?

Headache, hot body, fever, fuss, paracetamol. Because it’s an easy-to-use medicine, it’s not dangerous (if you don’t take it for more than 5 days in a row or take it in excessive amounts), and there are few side effects. and can be used by both children and

Are the dishes really clean these days?

Time to clean kitchen utensils Whether it’s plates, bowls, pots, pans or cutlery, after washing, some people like to check to see if it’s clean, right? There are methods of checking since looking at it. Try to smell it. Try rubbing your fingers until you feel a stiff

Benefits from “Cocoa”

It is said that cocoa was first known in the 16th century and was first used by the Mayan civilization. In Central America Then it was brought to Europe by Spanish sailors. Until becoming very popular nowadays Answering Questions Cocoa and Chocolate Same or different?  For anyone wondering about

Combining hot herbs Coping with climate change

hot herbs It’s a good thing during this changeable weather. because it was a time when a lot of people were sick Today, add me. There are good things in Thai style. by eating food as medicine to cope with this change in weather Why does the weather change body so

5 Delicious And Nutritious Snacks For mothers Locals

5 Delicious And Nutritious Snacks For mothers Locals Food choices during pregnancy are important. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to details in every meal. From the main meal to snacks for the stomach. In this article, we have compiled a list of delicious and healthy snacks for pregnant

Benefits Of Miso And Safe Eating

Benefits Of Miso And Safe Eating Miso (Miso) or Japanese soybean paste Use as an ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Made from fermented soybeans, rice or wheat with a leavening agent obtained by fermenting soybeans. and other ingredients may be added to the fermentation as well. Many people believe that

How Is The Vaginal Suppository Used? What Is There To Know?

How Is The Vaginal Suppository Used? What Is There To Know? A vaginal suppository is a type of medication use by insertion into the patient’s vagina. Where the medication slowly dissolves and is absor directly into the patient’s bloodstream. A vaginal pill is best for people. Who

4 Stuck Shoulder Exercises That Are Easy To Do At Home

4 Stuck Shoulder Exercises That Are Easy To Do At Home stuck shoulder exercise It is a body exercise for people. Who have stiffness and pain in the shoulder area from frozen shoulder condition. The purpose of the exercise is to stretch the shoulder joint membrane. to