Jurgen Klopp hails moments of the night for the player follow Milan win.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reserves special praise for a great time of the night for one team member. After leading the Reds to create a record of winning 6 matches in a row in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League last night.

               Jurgen Klopp insists he “couldn’t be more proud”of his Liverpool side. As they set a stunning European record at the San Siro with an unbeatable victory against AC Milan. The field makes the Reds win in the group stage. That is considered this ‘Group of Death’ was 100%. And became the first English team to achieve this record in the UEFA Champions League.


Jurgen Klopp hails moments of the night for the player follow Milan win.

Riot UEFA Champions League Group Stage B on last night. (Tuesday, December 7, 2564) AC Milan on their nests San Siro defeat Liverpool 2-1 from the door of Mo Salah and Diwalk Origi. With the Reds making eight changes from a stronger squad over the weekend. Is indicative of the quality of the squad Klopp has and the boss of the elite team at Merseyside was overwhelmed with emotion after the game.

               “I’m really proud of the boys especially. Because it’s the sixth game in a strong group.” He said. “Everyone was surprise before the game with the starting line-up. But I said we want to win the game and I mean that because we need fresh players. Do to prove that I couldn’t be more proud! It was an amazing game and the performance was outstanding. Playing here in the San Siro against Milan. having lots of shots and finishing so many goals with that effort was fantastic. And defended with great determination and system i am very happy. There is something amazing from this team too.”

              Klopp has paid special tribute to his first-team trio – Alisson, Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, as the attacking duo put the Italian elite in trouble. And the goalkeeper can make important saves. But the Liverpool manager reserved a special compliment for “A great moment of the night” for Nat Phillips. The team’s centre-half. For a stroke Pulling the ball and swiping away from two opponents. Franck Kessie and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the box, in a style known as Cruyff Turn. And should have made Paolo Mal Empress legendary Milan’s pride. 

              “Yeah, that was a great moment tonight, look, the game he played was outstanding. It was really great!” said Klopp. “but the first three players were outstanding. Ali is a role model for everyone. The physical strength and determination that Salah and Mane have shown is a very good indication of their attitude and the way they work . Between players with freshness and quality And I’m very proud of them.