Lionel Messi stun long-range shot overtakes Pele in thrash of Club Brugge.

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Lionel Messi the world-class forward of Paris Saint-Germain Scored another beautiful goal for the football team. And successfully broke Pele’s record. After helping the top team of France beat Club Brugge in the UEFA Champions League last night.

             Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe scored twice each in the Champions League as Paris Saint-Germain defeated Club Brugge 4-1 on Tuesday night. 7 December 2021. The French giants have qualified as runners-up in Group A since before the tournament. With Manchester City as group winners. But they managed to win comfortably at the Parc des Princes. 

             Messi’s goals also saw him overtake Pele in terms of total goals scored in his career with 758 goals for Barcelona, ​​PSG and Argentina. However he remains behind rival Cristiano Ronaldo has 43 goals. With CR7 having 801 goals in his career. Including two against Arsenal last week. This game the Argentinian netted a classic European goal again. Giving PSG a 3-0 lead in the 38th minute.

       For the game last night.

Kylian Mbappe fired for the hosts to take the lead 1-0 in the second minute from the moment Nuno Mendes opened the ball to the left into the penalty area. Save Simon Mignolet. But comes in through Mbappe. Who swooped in with the right to wipe the far post. Then, in the seventh minute, PSG added another second from the moment when Angel Di Maria put the long ball into the penalty area for Mbappe to run into a decisive volley from the right as a second ball of the owner in this game as well. 

             Then Messi’s stunning goal arrived in the 38th minute from Mbappe’s turn. Snatch the ball up to the left before paying into the middle of the 34-year-old star kicker dragged to decorate the left foot dominant. and then manages to spin the curve, plug the net beautifully Send to a 3-0 defenders away from the door, making Messi becomes the third player in the history of PSG on goal in the first game Homecoming Game 3 of the UEFA Champions League in football. The Argentine, who won his seventh Ball d’Or on Monday. It has been somewhat of a slow start to life at PSG since joining from Barcelona in the summer. But there are good signs that he is starting to adjust and return to his true level.