Michael Carrick insists Ronaldo’s break is not a big issue.

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Manchester United interim head coach Michael Carrick insists the decision to drop Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench in the 1-1 draw with Chelsea was no big deal.

Ronaldo was a key issue after the game at Stamford Bridge. With Michael Carrick being held off the bench and sent off in the second half. Especially the criticism from many former football players who turn into game analysts.

Carrick saw what happen as an exaggerate reaction.

“That kind of decision turn out to be bigger than it should have been. Decisions are made for many reasons. I don’t see it as a big decision at all. It’s not an overreaction.”

“They are doing very well. the game is going well No problem.” Carrick replied to Ronaldo.

There have been issues like this before when former head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer rest Ronaldo on the bench in a draw against Everton in early October.

Michael Carrick ( English : (born 28 July 1981) is an English former footballer. Playing in the midfield. Michael plays for Manchester United is the last club. Before joining as an assistant coach for this club later. He served as Manchester United’s interim manager following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s split from the club.

Michael Carrick was born in Wall iconic (Wallsend) and one brother. Carrick married Lisa Roughead on June 16, 2007, and they have two children, eldest daughter Louise and son Jacey.

Even playing for Manchester United But Carrick has a personal favorite team. Newcastle United