Mikel Arteta reveals key reasons for losing guns and opens about Tomiyasu being trampled.

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Mikel Arteta he criticized the football team’s performance. Before speaking about Ben Godfrey’s stomping on Takehiro Tomiyasu during the Premier League game last night.

             Mikel Arteta has criticized Arsenal ‘s ‘lax’ performance in last night’s Premier League defeat to Everton (Monday 6 December 2021). While he also spoke of the case. Ben Godfrey tramples on Takehiro Tomiyasu in this game, which competes at Goodison Park, the Gunners take the lead in the first half from Martin Odegaard, although before That face, Everton fired in, but when VAR checked it turned out to be offside.

            But starting in the second half. Everton was busier and got a goal from Richarlison. Who had shot before but didn’t score. Finally score with a great header from the moment Demarai Gray fired from a distance. The ball hit the crossbar and bounce into the direction of the Brazilian star. After that both sides tried to get the winning goal. But it’s Everton who grabbed 3 full points. When they got the winning goal in the 90+2 minute from the rhythm that Gray receive the ball from the left side before dragging it into the middle and smashing the ball into the middle.

             After the game

Arteta was deeply disappointed by the team’s defeat. Asked if Arsenal met the standards he had hoped for, the 39-year-old told Sky Sports :

             “No, in the first half we were not consistent in possession of the ball.” “We controlled the game. We lost nothing but set-pieces. [Not a goal] but I don’t like [performance].” “No penetration, no penetration, no danger, totally contrary to what we are trying to do. And one of the few times we did (correctly) was that we scored from Martin, we were 1-0 up. that Four major chances were created: one from Eddie. Nketiah, two from Martin And again at the end of the game from Auba.” “But we concede a very loose goal, the first goal, when you have to deal with the game. And it’s not enough to win the game.”

             When asked what the problem was , Arteta added: “We cannot pass the ball into the final area in front of the goal. We keep losing the ball!” “ Spoiled passes , loose touches. And they won’t give you that much time. And at Goodison Park, you can anticipate what will happen. There’s space and it’s not good enough.”

             Everton were fortunate to have 11 players in the game as Ben Godfrey look like he trampled on Tomiyasu midway through the first half, leaving the Japanese defender with studs on his face. But Arteta did not want the incident to distract from the team’s poor form. Asked if Godfrey should have been carded , Arteta added: “I don’t know, the decision has been made, I’m sure VAR has reviewed it. What I want is more from my team.”