Ralph Rangnick appears to have agreed with Jose Mourinho about the ‘next Gary Neville’ after last night’s Premier League game.

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New Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick appears to have agreed with Jose Mourinho about the ‘next Gary Neville’ after last night’s Premier League game.

           Ralph Rangnick the new coach of Manchester United is full of praise for his players. After defeating Crystal Palace 1-0 and some players have done beyond expectation by veterans Premier League last night (Sunday, December 5, 2021). It took the Red Devils until the 77th minute to score. With Mason Greenwood flowing back into the penalty area with Fred spinning. Right without capturing the ball inserting the ball into the far post beautifully.

            There was a lot of positive for Manchester United supporters received from Rangnick’s first game. Especially when the switch to a 4-2-2-2 formation could leverage the potential of full-back. Dio Go Dalot came out with the best. The Portuguese defender was praised by the former RB Leipzig boss in a post-match. Interview as a standout player. When it comes to changing the style of play. 

The German coach said.

            “For me the question is how do we squeeze and put pressure on the ball? How do we control the game? So I decided to play 4-2-2-2 with two strikers. Cristiano is not the only one on the front line with Marcus. using the speed for playing the ball in a straight line” “and at the same time to Jadon and Bruno It’s in two No.10 positions, with the rest of the [players] the same.

We have enough room when Bruno and Jadon are in that No.10 position for our full-backs to come forward and ask the ball from. wings.” “So they almost played like wingbacks. Especially in the first half , Alex (Castleford play) and Claudio Sandoval (daloa left) played the game very well and that is why I am a fan. I played with a 4-2-2-2. An avid player of all players who play in their best position.”

            Praising Dalot and even having him in the first team would shock those not watching the game. As the Portuguese defender play in the Premier League just 93 minutes. Before Ole Gunnar SolShar was fired last month. But it should come as no surprise that Jose Mourinho priced the 22-year-old so high during his time at Old Trafford in an interview in 2018. Roma’s current boss said:

            “Everyone knows he (Dalot) has great potential.” He said. “I don’t want to compare. especially in terms of the number of champions. But he was probably the same age as Gary Neville. When he came into the first team. United for more than 10 years. He has different circumstances. That’s wonderful to do better. Because like I said. He’s only 19 years old.”

            However, the former FC Porto player’s progress has been hampered over the past few seasons for a number of reasons. In particular, the arrival of Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Palace in a fee of 50 million pounds in 2019, but Wan-Bissaka has trouble with consistency due to him. The lack of talent in the last space in front of the door made many people question why he was so valuable.