Reveal Steven Gerrard cold answer before return to Anfield this Saturday.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard responds to questions. About returning to Liverpool After the Premier League game that beat Leicester City last night.

           Steven Gerrard has respond coldly about the question of returning to his old club Liverpool next week. Shortly after leading Aston Villa to a 2-1win over Leicester City last night. (Sun 5 December 2021). Gerrard’s glorious start to life at Villa Park continue as Gerrard. He won the third of his first four Premier League games. The only defeat being against Manchester City.

           Villa’s form has improve immensely since Gerrard left Rangers and head to the Premier League. And the former Liverpool star will now travel to Anfield in what is expected to be overwhelmingly emotional. I feel. However Gerrard doesn’t seem to be looking at the opportunity in the way many have predicted. With him less than a week away from returning to Anfield. Where he has spent 17 years as a player and from went as one of Liverpool’s greatest legends.

Reveal Steven Gerrard’s cold answer

           A job at Aston Villa is speculate to be the perfect stepping stone to a future role at Liverpool. because of the fans They all dream of Gerrard taking over at Anfield in the future. but for now The fanciful story for the occasion was completely ignored after Gerrard responded coldly. When ask if he had any feelings on his mind. To speak before the trip to Anfield or not. Gerrard told Sky Sports. Which may shock Liverpool fans:

           “No, not at all, we just want to go there and try to win. and do what we can.” “In our view We are not competing with Liverpool in terms of where we are in the minute. We will definitely go there and devote everything we have, ” ” We compete with Manchester City until the last moment, as far as can be done. And I believe we should get something out of the game with that form in the second half. can”

           Gerrard admitted he severely criticize the Aston Villa players in the dressing room in the first half before they secured three of their four games. But Villa came back from behind and play dominantly in the second half. With Ezry Konza netting alone, two goals help the team beat Leicester and jump to the top half of the Premier League table.

           “Can we do it for 90 minutes without me blaming and putting so much pressure on them at half-time?” “But I should have won three of the first four games. Before the ball kick in even We gave our best against Manchester City and the players deserve a lot of credit.”