Robert Lewandowski defies turmoil after being slammed for accusing Messi of fake interview.

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has clarified his interview. After being made headlines in the way. He viewed Lionel Messi interview even though. He doesn’t seem since.

            Robert Lewandowski has clarified he is grateful for Lionel Messi ‘s remarks at last week’s Ballon d’Or award ceremony. Ready to go out to correct misunderstand of the media. After alluding to his dissatisfaction with what his colleagues said on stage at the awards ceremony. By stating that it is Misinterpreted and believed that every word of the Argentine star came from his heart.

            On Tuesday, December 7, 2021 media across Europe captured Robert Lewandowski remarks during a media interview in Poland. Which reported that. He sees Messi’s opinion as ‘Empty words’ and ‘lack of sincerity’ with no need for sympathy. To give yourself a reward. However the striker of Bayern Munich. Told Sportsmail that is not so and the feelings of Messi. Who called for Ballon d’Or organizer France Football. Giving him a retrospective reward made him feel very grateful and happy.

            “What I said to the broadcaster on Polish TV in Poland was misinterpreted,” he said. “I never said Messi’s words were insincere.” Jessie at an event in Paris which he expressed in his opinion I deserve the Ballon d’Or 2020, it made me feel appreciate and makes me happy. ” ” for my words. I just wanted to show that I would be very happy. To hear Messi’s words, “I greatly respect and admire Lionel Messi and congratulate him once again on winning the 2021 Ballon d’Or.” 

    Robert Lewandowski defies turmoil after being slammed for accusing Messi of fake interview.

Messi, 34, beat Lewandowski, 33, clinching the award in 2021, with many fans and pundits saying the Polish striker deserves more. The Bayern Munich striker is the standout player of the year 2020 and he is out of luck. Because that year’s award was canceled due to COVID-19. In a thank you note while accepting Messi’s award He also praised Lewandowski as a deserving Ballon d’Or winner last year. But unfortunately no awards were announced. and called on organizers such as France Football to award him retrospectively. “Last year everyone agreed that you were the winner. And I think France Football should give you the Ballon d’Or in 2020, Robert. You deserve it.”

            Speaking about narrowly missing the trophy last week, Lewandowski told Sportowym via Marca: “I’m sad. And I can’t deny that.” “I can’t say I’m happy. on the contrary i feel sad To compete with Messi like that. Of course, I respect him for the way he plays and what he achieves. “The fact that I can compete with him shows me the level I can reach.”