Swans and Fox fans agree about Brendan Rodgers after losing to Villa.

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Liverpool and Leicester City football fans have agree one thing. About Brendan Rodgers following last night’s defeat to Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Liverpool and Leicester City supporters agree on the signing of Brendan Rodgers following last night’s 2-1 defeat at Aston Villa (Sun 5 December 2021) by Harvey. Jersey Barnes fired for the Siamese Foxes to take the lead first. But two goals from Villa. Defender Ezry Konza’s set-piece goals sent Steven Gerrard’s side past Rodgers’ side to 10th in the Premier League table.

            Failure to handle set-pieces has again become an issue for Leicester City fans and has prompted many Liverpool supporters to relive Rodgers’ time as manager at home. Anfield and here’s the reaction from the fans. Some Reds on Social Media after the defeat at Villa Park.

   Swans and Fox fans agree about Brendan Rodgers after losing to Villa.        

“I’m not surprise at all. Liverpool went from competitive for the top four to a mid-table team. It’s the same style Rodgers did the same at Liverpool. That change from winning the Premier League to become sinking to 10th and being beaten by a team like Stoke. The only surprise is that none of the gurus have call for him to be sack from Leicester City. ” said Brendan Rodgers’ team and were poor at defending set-pieces.

             “ Brendan Rodgers was linked with a Manchester United job a few weeks ago, sorry but I didn’t value him. He made the mistake of Liverpool not being able to stay fourth at Leicester twice and now they look like a very mediocre team. Although he has plenty of time to build things up.

             “ It used to happen at Liverpool. And it will continue to happen at every big club he goes to. They always seem to have a good first year or two. Then it went downhill. because he was not strong enough to keep it together Brendan Rodgers’ team is weak”, “Remember Rodgers claiming last season he would have won the league with Liverpool if he had a Leicester defense? That kind of defense conceded 50 goals last season. And of course, more than 70 goals have been conceded this season.”

             As for Leicester fans, comments were like “Soyuncu needs to be drop, another 60 minutes nothing for Lookman” ” Shocking, couldn’t defend a set-piece to save our lives. It Flake’s Mad Edison back Villa deserve to win more. Daka had only good things today”, “What a shock! The second half was terrible.”