Tottenham Hotspur is ready to pull the Adama Traore badge to play the wing back.

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Tottenham Hotspur are considering a return to the pursuit of winger Adama Traore Wolverhampton. Last summer, Golden Spikes chicken almost got a 25-year-old offensive line to join the football team. But the way midlands wolf Canceling the negotiations. Making the transfer of the team at that time not happening.

But The Athletic report that. UFABET Antonio Conte and Fabio Paratici are now considering a return to the Spain international in the hopes of playing at right-back.

The report goes on to state that the Golden Spikes are ready to send the reserve right-back Matt Doherty to be part of the negotiations to bring Traore to use.

Although Spurs have Emerson Royal as a mainstay at the right-wing. Reports from The Athletic suggest Conte wants a better attacking player. The Italian coach sees that Adama Traore can play as he wants.

The case was no different from when Conte transformed Victor Moses into a wing-back during his time at Chelsea. Before the Nigerian burst out in great form in that period.

Traore’s transfer fee is believed to be reduced to just £20million. Or even cheaper as the 25-year-old is not a staple in Bruno Lach’s Wolves squad.

In 2018, Adama Traore was dribbling to 22.99. mph Second only to Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest male Olympic gold medalist, Jamaican Olympic gold medalist.

Adama Traore’s speed is on par with Arjen Robben and Gareth Bale of the younger days, but added to it is the muscle mass that makes it difficult for opponents to stop both biceps and triceps. Not only that, but he is also trying to build up his leg muscles from running fast. Now the record he achieved was 6 seconds from own goal to goal of the opponent