Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes Gianluigi Donnarumma will stay signed if Milan agree to pay

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AC Milan football striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes Gianluigi Donnarumma will remain in charge at the club this season. If the agency agrees to pay wages as the players demand.

Donnarumma end his contract with Milan last summer. And signing for Paris Saint-Germain free Create resentment for the fans of the Red Devils as much as the Italian national team goalkeeper is seen as a face of money. From demanding wages that are too high. Ask for his opinion on former Ibrahimovic team-mate Donnarumma. Who has the same agent.

Mino Raiola, replied: ‘Gianluigi is a great goalkeeper if they (not Lan) surrenders what he demands. Until then, he will stay in Milan.” “Right now he has to fight for a place in the starting line-up, PSG Gijo is stronger.” Ibrahimovic believes Donnarumma is good enough to compete for number one from Gayler Navas. Donnarumma has just won the Yacin Trophy Goalkeeper of the Year, beating Chelsea’s Eduard Mendy and Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak. Second and third place respectively.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Norwich Heather Moss Born October 3, 1981 is a footballer of Swedish descent, Bosnia and Croatia. The current play position. Center forward for Milan in Serie A.

At the national team level, Zlatan used to be in the Swedish national team. After he made his debut in 2001 and captained in 2010 until his retirement from international football in 2016. And is the record holder for goalscoring. The most with Sweden is 50 goals (record on 15 May 2016, surpassing Sven Rydell ‘s previous record of 49 goals since 1932, by pounding the ball into the goal in the minute. 24th in Sweden’s friendly match against Estonia on 4 September 2014.